The advantage of WALKING FLOOR trailers is their versatility. Trailers can transport up to 24.5 tons of cargo, its capacity 92 m² Best for transporting bulk, non-palletized cargo and thus avoiding additional packaging. When transporting bulk products, loading and unloading are extremely quick – it takes up to 20 minutes, no additional equipment is required. This allows products packed in big bags or placed on pallets to load automatically without the use of pallet handling equipment.
In the fleet, we have 5- and 6-axle tractors that allow us to fulfill orders in Scandinavia, the UK, and EU countries. 6-axle vehicles are in high demand in the UK and Scandinavia. 5-axle vehicles are better suited to work within Europe – they are lighter and can carry more weight.
With the WALKING FLOOR trailers, it is possible to bring raw materials to your factory and then, with the same transport, take the products to the final place.
The customer profile is diverse:
• Raw material and waste recycling companies;
• Consignors of raw materials;
• Mills;
• Farmers;
• Distribution of raw materials and waste from ports to recipients;
• Metallurgy (various ores and already produced metals).

Contact with us: bulk@hegelmann.com+370 63 17 1617


i.H: 2680 mm – 2780 mm
i.B: 2480 mm
i. L:13 500 mm


Waste licensing for most EU countries
Cargo stoppers for Palletized goods
Automatic unloading