To carriers

It’s no secret that doing business in the transport sector always involves the risk of not receiving the expected income, or even loss. The reasons can be different: trucks downtime, late payments from clients, bankruptcy of clients, lack of orders or constant too many of empty km.
We are aimed at helping you avoid unwanted losses.
The bottom line is simple: we offer you to become our official carrier and receive permanent, stable orders from Hegelmann at attractive rates and monthly mileage. Using our service of a personal manager who can both load and drive your trucks, you can keep up with at least 2 birds with one stone: get rid of headaches, while increasing your capital. Plus, you will have more free time to think about diversifying your income instead of constantly drowning in a routine.


+ A source of stable income;
+ Minimizing the risk of bankruptcy;
+ Competitive rates;
+ Attractive monthly mileage of a truck;
+ Fast and timely payment;
+ Support of a personal manager 24/7;
+ Individual, responsible approach;
+ No need to constantly search for loads on dozens of exchanges;
+ Low threshold of requirements for the carrier;
+ Possibility to rent a trailer if necessary;
+ Provision of a DKV card if necessary;
+ Saving personal time.


Legal entity registered in the EU
At least 1 truck and 1 driver
Desire to develop and communicate
*All additional certificates, permits, availability of trucks and trailers will be a plus for you.

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