The transportation of liquid chemical / ADR bulk goods is one of the Hegelmann transporte specialization. We can offer high quality service of transportation the chemical ADR or Non-ADR liquid in all EU therritorry. Hegelmann transporte can carry: flammable liquids, corrosive liquids, peroxides, acids, solvents, paints, oil bases, thinners, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, azotic acid; resins; paints; vinegar, ethanol, bioethanol; denatured ethyl alcohol; methanol, adhesives; ABP‘s (cat 2 and Cat 3) pesticides; various chemical additives. Our liquid transport fleet consists of lightweight tractors with air compressors and single compartment thermally insulated L4BH type semitrailers with a compacity of 30 – 37m3.
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One chamber, L4BH tankers
Thermally insulated
Capacity – 30m3
Heating system
Lightweight tractors equipped with air compressors for unloading
Set of 11 couplings
12 meter hoses


SQAS and ISO certificates